United Healthcare Group Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

United Healthcare Group Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

UnitedHealth Group, recognizing the severity of drug and alcohol addiction, generally provides coverage for both inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. The extent of coverage can fluctuate based on a member’s unique plan, geographic location, and selected provider. This guide is meant to navigate through the details of what is covered and what isn't by UnitedHealth Group insurance.

United Healthcare Group (UHC) usually affords some level of coverage for inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services. However, the exact coverage depends on factors like your residing state, whether the rehab facility is in or out-of-network, the duration of stay, and your insurance plan tier.

Due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance companies are mandated to offer some level of coverage for essential mental health treatments, inclusive of substance use disorder (SUD) treatments, thus United Healthcare includes substance abuse treatment coverage.

Verifying Your United Healthcare Rehab Coverage

Every1Center can assist in confirming your insurance coverage to ascertain what degree of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment might be included in your United Healthcare insurance plan. 

Ensuring access to adequate substance abuse treatment is crucial for recovery. The requisite treatment plan will be determined by the severity of your addiction and your stage in the journey to recovery. United Healthcare covers various treatment programs, including:

  • Detox Services
  • Inpatient or Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Outpatient Treatment

Several facilities under Every1Center’s network, positioned nationwide, accept United Healthcare for drug and alcohol addiction rehab.

Choosing In-Network and Out-of-Network Rehab Facilities

In-network rehab facilities, having a contract with UHC, generally present services at a predetermined price, meaning your out-of-pocket expenses are typically lower compared to choosing an out-of-network rehab center. When feasible, opting for a treatment facility within United Healthcare Group's network is advisable.

UnitedHealth’s Coverage Tiers and Treatment Plans

United Healthcare provides diverse health plans subject to state and generally offers three main levels of care:

  • UnitedHealthcare Choice
  • UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus
  • UnitedHealthcare Options PPO

The geographic location usually doesn’t obstruct seeking treatment with United Healthcare if utilizing an in-network provider. For plans like United Healthcare Choice Plus or UnitedHealthcare Options PPO, out-of-network providers can be selected with higher co-pays.

Inspecting Your UHC Insurance Plan for Rehab Coverage

The expense of drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be person-specific and will be influenced by factors like the treatment center, program type, and specific services utilized. Before opting for a rehab center, it is imperative to inspect your United Healthcare policy benefits to decipher the coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. Communication via the number on your insurance card or through your UHC online account is vital to comprehend your copay and deductible.

Addressing Rehab Costs Not Fully Covered by UHC

If your insurance plan does not fully cover your drug rehab treatment, many facilities offer alternative payment plans and government programs that might assist recovering addicts. Additionally, several treatment centers might offer financial aid or scholarships, and loans from family or friends might also be a potential resource.

United Healthcare Group insurance can indeed be utilized for addiction treatment, with specific details and coverage amounts being contingent on your plan and chosen provider. However, alternate options exist to assist you financially if insurance doesn’t cover the complete cost.

The paramount factor is ensuring you obtain the requisite assistance for addiction treatment. Navigating health insurance details can be perplexing; hence, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company or speak to one of our admissions navigators today to help clarify your plan details and assist you in finding a suitable drug program.





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